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This is Broadway Bank's primary blog area.

S&P 500 -1.01%, DJIA -1.37%, Nasdaq +0.48%, Russell 2000 -2.81%, Crude oil -0.26%. Major equity indices ended mostly lower Monday, with the exception of the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite which recorded a slight gain.

S&P 500 +1.45%, DJIA +1.22%, Nasdaq +0.77%, Russell 2000 +4.62%, Crude oil -10.64%. U.S. equities ended with major gains Thursday in the Good Friday-shortened week following the prior week’s declines.

S&P 500 +3.41%, DJIA +3.44%, Nasdaq +2.58%, Russell 2000 +4.61%, Crude oil +8.60%. Stocks rallied Wednesday as the White House continued developing plans to reopen the economy, encouraged by signs that the viral outbreak may have leveled off in New York.

S&P 500 -0.16%, DJIA -0.12%, Nasdaq -0.33%, Russell 2000 +0.03%, Crude oil -6.86%. As far as equities were concerned, it’s almost as if Tuesday never happened. The markets opened with a good start over Monday’s close.

S&P 500 +7.03%, DJIA +7.73%, Nasdaq +7.33%, Russell 2000 +8.24%, Crude oil -7.30%. Equity markets were up strongly on Monday on nascent improvements in the number of coronavirus cases in some countries.

S&P 500 -1,51%, DJIA -1.69%, Nasdaq -1.53%, Russell 2000 -3.11%, Crude oil +15.34%. Equity markets closed in negative territory Friday by an amount roughly equal to Thursday’s gains. In the not-too-distant past, a move of this magnitude would have at least raised eyebrows, but in the current environment, it was a relatively calm day.

S&P 500 +2.3%, DJIA +2.2%, Nasdaq +1.7%, Russell 2000 +1.3%, WTI Crude oil +24.7%. After two days of declines, U.S. stocks rose Thursday on signs of a potential easing in the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

S&P 500 -4.41%, DJIA -4.44%, Nasdaq -4.41%, Russell 2000 -7.03%, Crude oil +3.46%. Wednesday was a rough day for equities. All major indices fell as the President warned the country to brace for a difficult period ahead as the COVID-19 outbreak heads towards its peak.

S&P 500 -1.60%, DJIA -1.84%, Nasdaq -0.95%, Russell 2000 -0.45%, Crude oil +1.2%. Equity markets ended the first quarter on a down note. The S&P 500’s 20% decline was its worst quarterly showing since 2008, and the Dow’s 23% drop marked its worst quarter since 1987.

Broadway Bank’s Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joe McKinney, is retiring from the privately-owned Texas financial institution after 18 years of service. Joining Broadway Bank in 2002, McKinney focused on business development for all aspects of the organization, specifically in Commercial Banking, Private Banking and overall bank strategy.

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Karina Alderete,
Vice President,
Corporate Communications
(210) 665-2925

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For nearly 80 years Broadway Bank has been an integral part of South Central Texas, evolving into one of the largest privately-owned banks in Texas with more than $4 billion in assets. Broadway Bank offers a full-range of financial services, including personal, private, business and mortgage banking, and wealth management and is committed to enhancing the banking experience through leading edge technology. With financial centers across San Antonio, Austin and the Hill Country, Broadway Bank delivers modern banking, locally sourced and personally delivered. Visit for more information.

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