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Set Your Financial Center

To search nearby financial centers, please activate geolocation on you computer or mobile device.

Please note: If you are accessing this service from a desktop computer the location displayed above is likely generated from your computer's IP address which usually resolves to a location on your ISP's network. It may not accurately depict your true location.

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Security and Privacy

If you encounter a suspicious email, website, phone call or text message, do not respond to it or click on any links. Report suspicious activity or forward suspicious emails to

Recently, there was a security breach at Fiserv, a major provider of technology services to financial institutions that include Broadway Bank. As of late, the issue has been resolved. However, because of the type of information that may have been exposed (i.e. e-mail, credit card information, Social Security numbers, and bank account information) we ask that you check your accounts to review that all activity on the account(s) are yours and do not look suspicious.

If you have any questions regarding your account and any unfamiliar activity, please contact us at:
(210) 283-6500
(800) 531-7650

M-F: 8am to 6pm
Sat.: 9am to 1pm

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