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Here there are no Disabilities

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Brighton Center’s rich history of serving children with disabilities began in 1969 as a school for children with Down syndrome. At that time, it was common for doctors to tell parents of children with Down syndrome that their child would never walk or talk and would be better off living in permanent institutional care. Refusing to accept this as their children’s future, a group of these parents got together and formed Brighton School, one of the first schools for children with Down syndrome in the region. Brighton Center has since evolved, incorporating new and innovative services to meet the changing needs of children with all types of disabilities.

Throughout San Antonio and Bexar County, Brighton Center provides developmental and educational services to children with disabilities and/or developmental delays from birth to age 22, along with family and community education. With a holistic, family-centered approach, Brighton Center offers child enrichment and development through a learning center, home-based therapy services, counseling, case management, family support services, training and more. The organization strives to empower every child with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to prepare for a bright future. Support Brighton Center in their quest to ensure that every child feels included and reaches his or her full potential. Learn how you can volunteer, donate or advocate for children at

Broadway Bank employees volunteer at the Brighton Center through Care Corps, supporting special events and serving on their board. The Care Corps will be out in force in support of the Brighton Center’s biggest fundraiser, the 15th Annual Taste of the Northside on April 23, 2014, 5:30-10:30 p.m. at the Club at Sonterra.

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