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Charity Profile Texas Cavaliers

Founded in 1926, the Texas Cavaliers began as a social club but grew into something much larger, now with more than 500 members who give back to the community and support those in need.

Cavalier's Logo

In 1989, the Texas Cavaliers developed the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation, which supports local at-risk children. This foundation has raised more than $3 million and has benefitted more than 900 children since its inception.

Each year, the Texas Cavaliers commit to bettering the lives of San Antonio area children though several outreach programs and events, including the annual Texas Cavaliers River Parade, which features more than 45 decorated floats along the river. During Fiesta Week, the Texas Cavaliers elect from its ranks a King Antonio, who serves as the face of the Texas Cavaliers, to preside over the week-long celebration of all things San Antonio. The Texas Cavaliers are also responsible for the Children’s River Extravaganza, Military Fiesta and Salute to First Responders programs during Fiesta.

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