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Charity Profile San Antonio Food Bank to the Rescue

In its mission to fight hunger and feed hope through food distribution, programs, education and advocacy, the San Antonio Food Bank implements several creative initiatives. Through the Grocery Rescue program, the Food Bank collects prepared and perishable food from area grocery retailers along with restaurants, hotels, caterers, country clubs, corporate cafeterias and hospitals to distribute immediately to the hungry residing in an emergency shelter.

Knowing how important the San Antonio Food Bank is to our community, Broadway Bankers are excited to partner with them in the Grocery Rescue program as sponsors of one of their 11 refrigerated trucks. The program's primary purpose is to rescue safe, nutritious food from being discarded by large retailers and restaurants so that the San Antonio Food Bank can quickly re-distribute that food to families and individuals in need through its partner agency network.

"The local food economy has a great deal of need and opportunity for food rescue, but securing the healthiest of items requires the expense of a refrigerated truck as well as a professional driver.  We are humbled by the support of Broadway Bank to help underwrite the expenses for a truck/driver for an entire year.  The truck will deliver an ROI of nearly $1 million worth of rescued food in that year and immediately get it to a hungry individual.  Thank you, Broadway Bank, for helping nourish our children and seniors who struggle,” said Eric S. Cooper, President & CEO.

Nonperishable food is still a very valuable commodity, especially in consideration of agencies and clients that have limited cooler and freezer space. All procured product helps contribute to this twofold effort: to provide food to individuals and families and also to improve the quality of diet for those in need of assistance.

Charity Profile San Antonio Food Bank

Every day & Especially the Holidays Food Banks Deliver

San Antonio Food Bank Logo

The San Antonio Food Bank provides food and grocery products to more than 530 partner agencies in 16 counties throughout southwest Texas with a mission to fi ght hunger through food distribution, programs, education and advocacy. In 2015, the SAFB provided nearly 62 million pounds of food, relying on the generosity and support of local businesses, churches, foundations, corporations, government, civic groups and individuals to successfully serve southwest Texans at risk of going hungry. Focused on effi ciency, 98% of donated resources go directly to food distribution programs. Visit to volunteer with the SAFB.

Our Broadway Bank Care Corps volunteers support the Food Banks by sorting non-perishable items and through annual food and donation drives.

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