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Positive Pay

Let Broadway Bank help you reduce check fraud.

With the accurate, timely information offered by Positive Pay from Broadway Bank, you can drastically reduce the potential for check fraud, and control your incoming electronic items.


The benefits of Positive Pay?

  • Monitor payment of the checks you write.
    Get timely information about which of your checks are being presented for payment and when.
  • Reduce check fraud.
    Suspect items are detected in time to review and return them within the deadline.
  • Each time you issue a check you enter the issue information into iBIZ – your Broadway online banking account interface. You must enter this information before you send the check to the recipient.
  • Each day, Broadway matches each check being presented for payment against the list of checks you have issued.
  • If exceptions are found, the item is added to your Positive Pay exception report and made available to you online through iBIZ by early each business day.
  • A check will be flagged if:
    • the check has been voided.
    • the check has already been paid.
    • the check has not been issued.
    • the amount is mismatched.
    • the check is older than specified stale date.
    • the payee name is mismatched*
  • You research the suspect items and inform Broadway by 1:00 p.m. central time whether items should be paid or returned.

*Service may require additional agreement and fees

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