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Remote Deposit Express

Reduce trips to your Financial Center by depositing checks electronically.

Remote Deposit Express is an efficient way to deposit checks into a business checking account. By simply using a desktop scanner and an office PC, transactions may be submitted 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.


Save time.
Make fewer trips to the bank and keep valuable personnel in the office.

Increase flexibility.
Submit transactions any time of day, any day of the week. Run several small deposits throughout the day, or scan and store your checks and submit your deposit by 6:30pm central time. Deposits made on the current business day will be made available by the beginning of the next business day.

Improve accuracy.
Automate the process of creating deposit tickets. Reduce the incidence of error by virtually eliminating manual keystrokes.

Simplify recordkeeping.
Capture and store an image of each deposited check. Get easy access to historical data and management reporting.

Streamline operations.
Submit deposits to a single business account from multiple offices - without the need to be near a Broadway Financial Center!

Enjoy peace of mind.
Reduce the risk of fraud by assuring deposits are being made daily.

  • You receive checks from your customer.
  • As you scan, the scanner captures the front and back image of each check.
  • You input the proper dollar amount for each check, ensure the deposit is in balance, and send the total deposit electronically to Broadway Bank.
  • The check images are validated and processed in place of the original check.
  • Deposits become available in your account.

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