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A Resource for Your Business: Let Our History Help Your Future by Sara Goudge Brouillard, Family Business Resource Manager, 4th Generation Cheever Family

In 1939, my great grandfather, Colonel Cheever, walked into the San Antonio Public Library searching for books on starting a bank. After moving to San Antonio with the military, my great grandparents would stroll around the San Antonio neighborhoods and realized the area was missing a bank. This prompted his trip to the library and the start of Broadway Bank.

Charlie Cheever Senior and Betty Cheever standing in front of the First Broadway Bank location on Broadway

Colonel Cheever didn’t know he was starting a family business, but 75 years later, Broadway Bank is a 4th generation bank. Growing a business is a long, difficult process, and our family has worked passionately and tirelessly to keep the vision focused and the mission strong. It was through this hard work that our family realized we needed to share this knowledge and experience with others. Unlike the 1940s, today there are many ways to look up how to do anything. You can figure out how to perfectly fold a t-shirt through YouTube, make a tasty meal through Facebook or even how to start a bank through Google. However, with so much information out there and readily available it is hard to know which is reliable.

The family tasked the Bank to find a way to help businesses through this process. This gave birth to our Family Business Resource Center in 2012—our way of helping all businesses succeed in our communities. 

We offer:

Although the original concept for Broadway Bank in 1941 was not to be a family business, it became one. We recognize your business may have this same path or a completely different one. Our Family Business Resource Center is here for you, whether you consider yourself a family business or not. 

Family Business Resource Center Logo. We want to provide information you can rely on.

Visit and let 75 years of our learning and growing help your business succeed for the next 75 years.


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