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Back to school means a lot of transition for both the parents and children. A little organization can help reduce first-day jitters. Being prepared can ensure you kick off the new school year successfully.

Father hugging daughter on her first day back to school

Back to School

How Parents Can Help Prepare

  1. Get back into your sleep routine
    Start regular bedtime and morning time routines a week or so before school starts to avoid stressful first days of school. 
  2. Shop for school supplies together
    Shopping for school supplies together will help get your child excited about starting school and teach them a little bit of responsibility too!
  3. Set up a homework station
    Designate a time and a place where your child can do homework. 
  4. Review school material and information
    Teachers typically send home paperwork with information on classroom rules, homework routines and other school related information. Be sure to review this with your child to set expectations. 
  5. Get your child’s yearly checkup
    School and germs go hand in hand, so it’s best to get your child’s yearly checkup before school even starts. Get any required vaccinations and ask your pediatrician the best ways your child can stay healthy throughout the school year.

Through preparation and organization, you can ensure that your child will have a smooth transition to the start of the new school year. By doing so, you and your child can enjoy the rest of your summer break.


  • Labor Day – Sept 3
  • Columbus Day – Oct 8