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To search nearby financial centers, please activate geolocation on you computer or mobile device.

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Mobile Banking FAQs


If I'm already signed up for Online Banking, does that mean I am enrolled in Mobile Banking?

Yes, once you enroll in online banking you can download the Broadway Bank iPhone or Android app to access mobile banking using your same login ID and password.


When I transfer funds through Mobile Banking, when will the funds be available?

Funds transferred your between Broadway Bank accounts through Mobile Banking are available immediately.


Will I be charged for using Mobile Banking?

Broadway Bank does not charge a service fee for the use of Mobile Banking. Standard internet service and text messaging rates apply. Check with your mobile service provider for details.


How can I set up account alerts?

To set up account alerts, sign in to Online Banking and click on the “Alerts” tab under the Settings menu.


How can I receive my alerts?

You can receive alerts via text, phone call or email. You can make these delivery selections when you set up your alerts.


How can I get access to depositing a check using my phone?

You can deposit a check using our iPhone or Android app. To determine your eligibility and request access, visit your nearest Financial Center or call our Customer Service Center at 283-6500. Access for eligible requests will be granted within one business day.


How will I know when I have access to mobile check deposit?

Once your request to access mobile check deposit has been completed, you will see a tab labeled “Deposit Check” under the Transactions Menu the next time you login to the Broadway Bank iPhone or Android app.


How can I get the clearest image of the check I am trying to deposit?

Here are some tips to get the clearest image of your check:

  • As you hold your phone over the check, tap (on your phone) on the center of the image to improve the focus.
  • Lay the check on a flat, dark surface.
  • Remove as many creases as possible so that the check lays flat.
  • Find an area with ample light; not too dim or too bright.
  • Use the frame guides provided within the app to center the check as you capture the image.
  • Tap on the “Retake” button if you feel the image was not clear.


Do I need to endorse the check I want to deposit?

Yes. Endorse the back of the check as you would if you were depositing the check with a teller in the Financial Center.


What is the daily cut-off time for making a deposit through the mobile app?

The daily cut-off time for a mobile deposit to be processed that night is 6:00 p.m. central time each business day.


When will my funds be available if I deposit a check through mobile banking?

Funds are not immediately available. If a deposit is made before the cut-off time (6:00 p.m. central time each business day), the funds will be available the next morning. If a hold is placed on any portion of the deposit, you will be notified about the availability of funds.


Can a check I deposit through mobile banking be rejected after I submit it?

Yes. A check deposited through our mobile app can be rejected if it is:

  • Post-dated (the date on the check is after today’s date)
  • Stale-dated (the check is older than 6 months)
  • Not properly endorsed on the back
  • Not signed by the maker
  • Written for a different amount than the dollar amount (written amount and numeric $ amount do not match)


What should I do if the check I deposit is rejected after I submit it?

We will attempt to contact you via telephone if your deposit is rejected for any reason. At that time, we will discuss the options available for making that deposit.


Can I use Mobile Banking if I am overseas?

Yes. Wherever you receive service on your mobile device, you can access Mobile Banking.


Can I pay bills using Mobile Banking?

Yes, with mobile bill pay you can:

  • Pay an existing payee (Note: All payees must first be set up in online banking. New payees cannot be set up through mobile banking).
  • View pending eBills
  • View pending payments (payments that have been created but not yet been paid)
  • View payees
  • Cancel a pending payment
  • Pay an existing payee or a pending eBill
  • View payment history for bill payments made via mobile or online


How do I set up text banking?

  • Click/tap on the Text Enrollment tab under the Settings Menu and follow the simple instructions.
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