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Set Your Financial Center

To search nearby financial centers, please activate geolocation on you computer or mobile device.

Please note: If you are accessing this service from a desktop computer the location displayed above is likely generated from your computer's IP address which usually resolves to a location on your ISP's network. It may not accurately depict your true location.

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Personal Financial Management

A sample of the personal financial management tool on a mobile phone screen

Personal financial management is now part of your enhanced online and mobile1 Broadway Banking experience. Take advantage of this service to add external accounts from other financial institutions to view together on your online/mobile1 banking dashboard and homepage. When you log in, you will see new menu tabs. With a click or tap, you can begin using this new online feature.

  • Account aggregation: Add external accounts from other financial institutions to view together with internal Broadway Bank accounts on the online/mobile1 banking dashboard home page.
  • Transaction categorization: Categorize transactions to track various categories of spending and savings, create custom sub-categories, and rename transactions so they are easier to recognize.
  • Split a Transaction (For example, if you purchase groceries and pet food together, you can re-categorize these into different categories if desired.
  • Budgeting: Set up a budget to track spending.
  • Spending: Visually view your spending in various categories.
  • Trends: This display will be unique for each individual user based on assets and expenses in online banking.
  • Pay Off your Debts: Set up a budget to pay off debts.

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