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Set Your Financial Center

To search nearby financial centers, please activate geolocation on you computer or mobile device.

Please note: If you are accessing this service from a desktop computer the location displayed above is likely generated from your computer's IP address which usually resolves to a location on your ISP's network. It may not accurately depict your true location.

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– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • English and Spanish menu options
  • Ability to transfer between your Broadway Bank accounts
  • Check your account balances
  • Re-order personalized checks
  • Search specific transactions
  • Learn total interest paid to date
  • Report a lost or stolen Debit Card or ATM Card
  • And much, much more!

To access our automated TeleBank for account information you’ll need:

  • A touch-tone phone
  • Access number
  • Password. (For business accounts, use the last four digits of your Tax ID number.)

TeleBank is available 24/7 by calling 

(210) 283-6505

Speak with a Bank representative during normal business hours by pressing [0] at any time during your call.

Have a question? We are happy to help.

(210) 283-6500(800) 531-7650
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