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Set Your Financial Center

To search nearby financial centers, please activate geolocation on you computer or mobile device.

Please note: If you are accessing this service from a desktop computer the location displayed above is likely generated from your computer's IP address which usually resolves to a location on your ISP's network. It may not accurately depict your true location.

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How does Apple® iOS Touch ID Authentication work?

broadway bank app touch standard login identification screen

Mobile iPhone® app Touch Authentication login

Touch Authentication is available on Apple® devices that include enablement of Touch ID and Passcode.

If you already have Touch ID enabled, skip the first step.

  1. If you do not have Touch ID enabled, access the Touch ID & Passcode in Settings and turn it on. You will be prompted to scan your finger(s).
    touch id & passcode
  2. Login to the Broadway Bank mobile iPhone® app.
    broadway bank app icon
  3. Access Settings, then Security Preferences. Turn Touch ID On.
    app settings on icon
  4. You will be prompted to enter your log in ID and password to confirm activation of Touch Authentication. Log out. The next time you log in you will be presented with the option to use Touch ID to log in.
    various iphone screenshots of the previously described steps
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