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Grants: How to Apply

Grant requests will only be accepted electronically through this website.

To submit a grant request, you must first complete and submit an online grant application form.  Immediately after the application is submitted, you will receive an automated email confirming your grant application was received.  It will also include a copy of your grant request in the body of the email.  Click Reply and attach your file(s) to the email message.

Important: Please do not submit an application until you have all supporting documents available.  In order for your application to be considered, supporting documents must be submitted within 24 hours. Otherwise a new application must be submitted.

Easy Steps to Apply

Step 1:

Complete and submit an online grant application form.

Step 2:

Open the automated confirmation email and click Reply.

Step 3:

Attach your current IRS Determination Letter (and any other relevant files) click Send.

If we have any questions or issues related to your application, you will be contacted at the email or telephone number listed on the application form.  Please review the deadline and decision timetable for information on application deadlines and decision timeframes.

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