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Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust


The Jack H. & WM. M. Light Charitable Trust makes distributions on a semiannual basis. These grants are directed to 501(C)(3) organizations. The current emphasis is on the welfare of children in the broadest sense, with a primary interest in supporting organizations involved in the health, mental health, and education of children, and having a direct impact principally in Bexar, Denton and Harris Counties, Texas.

To be considered for a grant, an organization must submit an online grant application and a copy of the rganization's current IRS Determination Letter, along with any other documents deemed relevant to the request.

Apply Now for the Jack H and William M Light Charitable Trust!

Application Deadline



Mar 31


Sept 30


*Only requests submitted by the deadline will be considered.  Requests submitted after the deadline are considered in the following year.

Entities Eligible to Apply

Trust Document states:

"...distribute the entire net income of the trust at least annually to such one or more organizations (other than religious organizations) then described in Sections 170(c), 2055(a) and 2522(a) of Internal Revenue Code as amended..." (Emphasis Added)

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