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Broadway Bank Business Continuity Plan

Broadway Bank’s Business Continuity Plan was developed to respond to events that significantly disrupt our operations.  We value your trust, and the safety of your assets is important to us; therefore, we are providing responses to commonly asked questions about our plan.

How do I contact the bank if I need help with my accounts?

  • Please call your local Financial Center or Broadway Bank’s main location at 210.283.6500 or 1.800.531.7650;
  • If you cannot reach either of the numbers above, call our alternate number, 210.283.6611;
  • Additional alternative phone numbers may be found on the Broadway Bank web site at;
  • If operations allow, we will post situation information and updates on our website;
  • In case of a city-wide disruption or greater disaster, please tune in to your local TV and radio news stations for information.

What does your business continuity plan contain?
Our business continuity plan is designed to permit our bank to quickly respond, recover and resume business operations and allow our customers to transact business. We need to:

  • safeguard our employees and property;
  • make financial and operational assessments;
  • protect the bank’s records and files.

Essential mission-critical systems have been taken into consideration, including data back-up and recovery (vital records are backed-up off site). Alternate communication methods with customers, employees, suppliers, contractors and regulators are in place.

Business continuity tests are conducted on a regular basis with employees and vendors. Based on tested processes with our vendors, we should be able to process most transactions in less than a day, as well as conduct other key activities.  Situations may vary depending upon the scope and severity of the disruption.  Also please be advised that your deposits and requests for funds may be delayed during this period.

What kind of disruptions are expected?
Disruption may vary from minimum to severe and may involve a Financial Center, bank office building or be city-wide or national in scope.  Since the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions is unpredictable, we will be flexible in managing situations as they occur.  If a disruption occurs at a Financial Center, operations will be transferred to another Financial Center and restoration of critical business functions should occur within 24 hours.  In a city-wide disruption, we will transfer our operations to a location outside of the impacted area and anticipate resuming most critical business functions within a three day period.

Where can I get more information?
If you have additional questions about our business continuity planning, you can contact us at 210.283.6500.

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