Credit card processing made safe and easy with Broadway Bank and BASYS

Broadway Bank can provide you with a comprehensive credit card processing program through our partnership with BASYS1 Processing that is safe, convenient and affordable.

Avoid your monthly Broadway Bank business checking account maintenance fee by maintaining an active2 credit card processing account through BASYS.

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  • EMV processing
  • Tokenization & encryption
  • Fraud protection & breach protection

  • Extensive knowledge of card payment systems to provide you with the best, customized solution for YOUR business.
  • A friendly live voice answers the phone when you call customer support – no automated phone systems.
  • An in-house PCI Compliance team that proactively reaches out before your annual PCI Compliance deadline to walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

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  • Complimentary online access to your merchant reports and transaction history.
  • 10% MINIMUM guaranteed cost savings** for each of our customers that move to BASYS. Many will see higher savings.

  • Credit card terminal
  • Point-of-sale system
  • Virtual terminal
  • E-commerce
  • Software integration
  • Mobile processing

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4 Tips To Protect Your Business from Credit Card Processing Scams

Scam calls, often from “merchant services”, can result in a merchant providing secure information to someone who is impersonating the service or support department of a reputable merchant services provider. The scammer convinces the merchant to execute fraudulent agreements for billable merchant related services that were neither needed nor wanted.

Here are 4 tips to protect your business from processing scammers:

  1. Always ask the caller who they work for. A caller saying they “represent” Visa, MasterCard, or “your bank” is not enough. Ask what company they work for. Scammers are evasive. A reputable company like BASYS Processing will be very forthcoming with that information.
  2. Never give your account information to someone because “your account has been locked” or because you need to “update your account information.” That is likely a scammer. If you believe there is an issue, call your processor directly. BASYS Processing places our contact information on the side of every merchant terminal.
  1. Never sign a document to get a price quote on credit card processing. To get a quote from BASYS Processing, you will have to provide your contact information, and statements from your current credit card processor. Only scammers will ask you to sign something for just a quote.
  2. Never sign a document without reading it thoroughly. Scammers will encourage you to sign documents for quotes or updating account information. But in reality, those documents they are asking you to sign are likely leases for equipment you don’t need, and agreements for high-priced, low-quality services that you don’t want.
Don’t be duped by scammers. Protect your business. Don't lose anything more than a few seconds on one of these slamming schemes—relax and know that there are concrete ways to stay safe and secure.

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*A credit card processing terminal will be provided free of charge up to a $275 value if qualifications are met. In the event that a new terminal is not needed and qualifications are met, a credit in the amount of up to $275 will be applied towards your BASYS account to apply to other services within the first 3 billing cycles. **Savings calculated on independent research conducted by BASYS. Savings is guaranteed by BASYS and not a guarantee of Broadway Bank. 1Credit card processing provided by BASYS. 2ACH credit transactions, matching your Merchant ID number, post with out credit card processing partner during the previous calendar month you will be considered to have an active account. Transactions may not post until the following month. Broadway Bank is not responsible for when ACH credits post to your account.


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