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Purchasing a home is easier when you prepare.

Get up to $350 towards the purchase of your new home with Broadway Bank when you complete the mPOWER Home Buying Playlist.

Complete the four topics shown below (5-10 minutes): Topics featured in this playlist: (click for more information)


Is your credit score helping or hurting you? Credit scores can have a huge impact on your financial wellness. Understand how to read your credit report and receive important tips to keep your score healthy, including how to:

  • Define a credit score and its significance
  • Explain how credit scores are calculated
  • Identify the types of financial behavior and transactions that impact a credit score
  • List the factors that help you maintain a healthy credit score
  • Identify credit management strategies to keep credit scores high


Owning a home is a major financial decision that can feel exciting yet intimidating. It’s important to explore the benefits and costs associated with homeownership. Review these important tips to prepare yourself before you start the home-buying process, including how to:

  • Compare the pros and cons of buying vs. renting a home
  • Define appreciating and depreciating assets
  • Define a mortgage
  • Identify costs associated with a loan (interest rates, purchase points, and fees)
  • List important steps to take when deciding whether to purchase a home: build a budget, check your credit score, know your rights, and start saving.


There is a lot to understand when it comes to mortgages – the terms, forms and processes. With all these elements, having a mortgage can seem overwhelming. Get the information you need in order to prepare yourself for the mortgage application and home-buying process: Take this Mortgages course to learn more about how to:

  • Identify costs associated with a loan: interest rates, purchase points, and fees
  • Define a mortgage and explain different loan types
  • Describe variables that affect monthly payment and the cost of a mortgage
  • List important steps to take when buying a home: figure out finances, know all the costs, research your rights, and compare options.


Taxes. They are an annual process that everyone has to complete, but very few truly understand them. Take our Taxes course to learn exactly what taxes are and the basics that will help you master the process, including how to:

  • Define direct and indirect taxes and how they each work
  • List the services that taxes pay for and why they are necessary
  • Identify necessary tax forms: W-2, 1040, W-4, and 1099
  • Differentiate between Gross and Taxable Income
  • Define standard Deductions and Exemptions
  • Explain how tax brackets impact your taxes
  • Calculate federal taxes based on a hypothetical income

Just SAVE the certificate presented at the end of the playlist and upload via our easy digital mortgage application.

Ready to Apply for Residential Mortgage? Find the one that's right for you.

*Receive a $250 Lender Credit towards closing costs when you submit an online mortgage application and close on a mortgage loan with Broadway Bank. Get an additional $100 credit towards closing costs when you complete the mPOWER home buying playlist. Offer available on applications received by July 31, 2018. All loans subject to credit approval, verification and collateral evaluation. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Lending area and other restrictions apply.

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