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Pride, leadership and people: How the U.S. Army prepared a veteran for a career in human resources and well-being programming.

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we honor the service and sacrifice of service members, their families, and the contributions of our public servants. At Broadway Bank, we are proud to have veterans and military family members in our own workforce and are honored to recognize one of them in a special Military Appreciation Month employee spotlight.

We spoke with Sabrina Williams, VP and Senior Human Resources Manager about her career in the United States Army, how the military taught her skills that have led to her success at Broadway Bank and what Military Appreciation Month means to her.

Sabrina Williams military

Tell me a little bit about your time in the military.

I served in the United States Army Reserves for 12 years. During the last seven years, I had the privilege to be a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Non-Commissioned Officers—a group of enlisted service members at or above the rank of Army and Marine corporal, Air Force staff sergeant, and Navy petty officer. In that role, I provided support to soldiers as an Equal Opportunity Leader, Suicide Intervention Trainer, Master Resiliency Trainer, and most importantly, a trusted leader of soldiers. My experience in the military included several areas of expertise such as military intelligence, civil affairs, postal, and medical. Being in the military gives you a huge sense of pride and purpose, often taking you to different areas of the country to serve communities and support our active-duty military. As an Observer Controller Trainer, I traveled to many states and spent months training soldiers in preparation for combat in tactical environments.

What did your military experience teach you and how did it prepare you for your role at Broadway Bank?

Being in the military taught me about leadership, accountability, and proficiency. My experiences in high-stress environments and solider support programs prepared me for a career in human resources. My current roles and responsibilities require me to support Broadway Bankers during their professional journeys and I take great pride in performing at my best to make sure everyone feels valued. As a Non-Commissioned Officer for the United States Army, I learned the importance of being skilled in communications, proficient in employee relations, and mindful of the well-being of others.

Sabrina Williams quote

There are two phrases within the Creed of the Non-Commissioned Officer that I carry close to my heart and strive to live by while in the workplace: “competence is my watchword” and “my two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind—accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my Soldiers.” I think about these often when I am supporting our bank employees in my current role as a Senior Human Resources Manager. I see every day as an opportunity to make the experiences at Broadway Bank positive and valuable. Anything is possible with collaboration, focus and determination.

My military career also taught me how to earn the respect of others. Spoiler: it takes confidence. I value the experiences I had in the military because they helped me build my confidence and leadership style. I’m able to use the tools I learned as a leader in the military to be an effective leader at Broadway Bank. Most importantly, my military experience taught me to value integrity and my moral courage—something I continue to practice and preach to other Broadway Bankers.

What does Military Appreciation Month mean to you?

To me, Military Appreciation Month means reflecting on the sacrifices that military professionals have made and continue to make for our country. With a spouse currently serving in the U.S. Army and away from home for months at a time, I understand the sacrifice and call of duty it takes for military families to support active-duty military members. This is a time to thank and celebrate active-duty military, their spouses and their families for their continued service to our country and dedication to our armed forces.

At Broadway Bank, veterans are an important part of our staff and community. We work hard to create a culture that is welcoming to those who have served in our armed forces and celebrates their achievements and contributions. Broadway Bank has launched a Military Employee Impact Group (EIG) to support veterans and military families within the Broadway Bank workforce. This Military EIG meets regularly for well-being programs, support seminars and volunteer events. You can find our Military EIG and Care Corps employee volunteers at various events such as the Memorial Day Flag Placing at Fort Sam Houston and at the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown San Antonio. Our Talent Acquisition team also works to help veterans find their next career by participating in military-focused recruitment events throughout the year.

All life experiences and influences add to the diversity of thought and inclusive culture at Broadway Bank. Broadway Bank is a repeat winner of the San Antonio Express-News Top Workplaces, San Antonio Business Journal’s Best Places to Work and the Austin-American Statemen Top Workplaces recognitions. Visit our Careers pages to learn more about Broadway Bank’s culture and mission.



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