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broadway bank provided me the financial foundation to contruct a successful commercial real estate business.

— Edward A. Cross, II, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Cross & Company

Edward A. Cross, II

Edward A. Cross, II 

Ed Cross believes that the true  character of a bank shines during  the tough times. And he should  know. Leading a major brokerage and development firm in San  Antonio for more than 20 years,  Ed has relied upon Broadway Bank  through all the economic challenges.

“There’s an old line in the business—  banks loan on character,” he says.  “I like to think that I borrow on  character. That’s why I bank with  Broadway Bank.”

“Broadway Bank is what every real  estate person wants—a loyal,  thoughtful, helpful financial partner.  I have seen the opposite through the  years, and I recognize the difference.”

“My true personal relationship with  a local bank, that has local ownership  and local decision-making power, is  the solid foundation for my success.”

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.  Texas Strong for 70 years.
Broadway Bank. We're here for good.