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"Responsiveness. Friendliness. It was like
a banking experience we never had before."

— Jerry and Sarah Jenko

Jerry and Sarah Jenko

Jerry and Sarah Jenko

When Jerry and Sarah pulled up stakes in California to relocate to Texas, one of their primary concerns was changing financial institutions. They were lucky enough to have a friend who knows a financial planner in San Antonio, so were able to get information about local banks and their services. The one name that came back with high marks was Broadway Bank. 

“The things that really impressed me were the responsiveness and the friendliness, “Jerry said. “It was a banking experience like I’ve never had before. In just two days we had everything taken care of – a couple of accounts opened up, including business and personal accounts. And it just went so smoothly – it was an unbelievable experience.”

“We were new in town and didn’t know anybody,” Sarah added. “We wanted to open up a line of credit and in the past, it took forever. But here, it was two days and it was all done. We were asking, ‘Are you sure?’ It’s just such a friendly relationship. It’s like a family dealing.”

And when the Jenkos were ready to purchase a home in San Antonio, they turned to Broadway Bank. “It was because of our previous experience with the bank,” Sarah said.

Now that the Jenkos have all their financial needs in order and a Private Banker looking out for them… they can spend more time doing what they love … playing golf.

Broadway Bank. We're here for good. Texas Strong for 70 years.

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.