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— Demetrius McDaniel
Attorney – Greenberg Traurig

Demetirus McDaniel

Demetrius McDaniel 

When opportunity knocked, Demetrius McDaniel was ready to answer. But he needed to move quickly and secure the necessary loan. That’s when he turned to the to the Private Banking team at Broadway -- and to a bank with the flexibility to move swiftly and make local decisions.

“My Private Banker at Broadway bent over backwards to make it easy,” McDaniel said. “The way the bank conducts business shows that relationships really mean something to them. They make it personal and I appreciate that level of assistance. For me, it meant less headaches and more convenience.”

Since the initial loan, McDaniel has moved a checking account for his ranch and a savings account to Broadway Bank. “It’s clear they take their clients and growing those relationships seriously. As my financial needs and financial abilities increase, I am clearly going to be partial to growing my relationship with Broadway.”

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.
Broadway Bank. We're here for good.