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— Brigadier General John Rollston
USAF (ret.)

John Hannah, CPA

Brigadier General John Rollston

A highly decorated military fighter pilot with combat missions during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, Brigadier General John Rollston exemplifies service and leadership. And when looking for a financial partner over 40 years ago, he found those same qualities in Broadway Bank.

The General turned to the bank he knew he could trust. “After a good discussion and a handshake, I was on my way,” General Rollston said. “My point is that I neither knew nor cared what rate I paid or how much the service cost, I was confident that Broadway Bank would give me the best package.”

“Being able to do business on the basis of trust seems so rare today. It is truly an honor to have a bank you can count on.”

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.
Broadway Bank. We're here for good.