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interest checking Sweep Service

Let Broadway Bank help you keep excess cash invested at all times.

Broadway's Interest Checking Sweep Service will automatically invest your company's idle balances. Just specify a target balance for your primary analysis checking account and funds will be transferred into an interest bearing checking account on a daily basis.

Interest Checking Service

The benefits of Interest Checking Sweep?

  • Increase earnings. Keep excess cash invested at all times for maxim um return.
  • Eliminate overdrafts. Have funds automatically swept from your investment* fund to checking as needed.
  • Increase efficiency. The automated sweep system means less staff time spe nt monitoring, handling and forecasting your daily cash position. 
  • Specify your desired "target" balance for your primary deposit account (DDA).
  • Broadway links your DDA to the checking account through our deposit and "Cash Manager" Systems.
  • At end-of-posting each day, we automatically make transfers to meet the DDA's target balance.
  • Each month, bank statements and interest are credited to your checking account.

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