Broadway Bank Visa® Contactless Debit Card

At Broadway Bank, we pride ourselves on offering the best in modern banking, and this debit card is no exception. From its sleek design to its extra security and contactless point of sale features, this card is everything you need for your day-to-day transactions and online purchases.
Broadway Bank Visa® Contactless Debit Cards


Checkout is safe, secure and touch-free when you tap to pay with your Broadway Bank Visa®Debit Card or payment-enabled device. You can also choose the way you pay, whether it's with a contactless card, payment-enabled phone, smartwatch or other devices. 

Contactless payments with a Broadway Bank Debit card

Pay with Your Hand-held Device

Your Broadway Bank Visa® Debit card is digital wallet ready. Digital wallets are a great way to virtually load a physical card into a mobile app and store it for fast, easy access at the point of sale. You can use this feature with Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®

contactless payments with apple pay on apple watch

Additional Features

EMV Chip Security

EMV debit cards are more secure because they store data on chips rather than just magnetic stripes. At participating merchants and ATMs, you can insert your card for increased security. 

Dual Interface Encrypted Technology

Dual interface chip cards can be used with both contact and contactless payment terminals, providing you a more convenient point-of-sale experience. 

Modern Design

Sleek design that's vertically built with higher quality plastic with account number on the back of the card. 

Stay Secure

Has your Broadway Visa® debit card been lost or stolen?

Call (210) 283-6555 or (800) 531-7650 immediately to report your lost or stolen card.

Know before you go.

Did you know that Visa® Debit Card transactions may be declined within certain countries or cities to prevent account fraud? Whether traveling stateside or abroad, please notify Broadway Bank of your destination and the duration of your stay.

Tips for ATM safety and security.

Our conveniently located ATMs have built-in security features designed with your safety in mind. When banking at an ATM, however, it's important to remember always to be cautious.

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Control your debit card in the Broadway Bank Mobile app:

Broadway Bank mobile app screens

  • Lock and unlock your card to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Please notify us when you're traveling to avoid interruption.
  • Set transaction limits and manage all cards assigned to you.
  • Report a lost or stolen card and block certain transaction types.
Download our app today:

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Important Information:
Important Information on Non-Visa Pinless Debit Transactions: Broadway Bank enables non-Visa debit transaction processing and does not require all such transactions to be authenticated with a personal identification number (PIN). The non-Visa debit network on which these transactions may occur is Accel. Because these transactions aren't processed through the Visa system, the provisions, rights, and protections provided in your cardholder agreement that specifically relate to Visa transactions do not apply. Examples of Visa debit transactions include signing a receipt after swiping or dipping a card at a point of sale (POS) terminal, selecting "credit" on the terminal, or providing a card number for Internet or telephone transactions. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Services Association.


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