Certificate of Deposit (CD) Accounts

CDs can earn higher yields and provide guaranteed returns on the dollars you save. We offer flexible terms and rates, with longer terms generally earning higher rates. You can choose the level of commitment that's right for you and your savings goals.

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Get personal service from a banker at your nearby Broadway Bank Financial Center or call our Customer Service Call Center at (800) 531-7650 to open your account.

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Savings that meets your needs on your timeline.

At Broadway Bank, we want to make sure you find a CD option that works best for your unique needs.  Whether your goal is to save for three months or five years, we have a term and rate that's right for you.

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Start with an opening balance that works for you.

Open with as little as $1,000 with a Regular CD or $90,000 if you choose to maximize your savings with a Jumbo CD.

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Two Year Step-Up CD

Our Two Year Step-Up CD gives you the power to increase your return with two rate increase during the CD term.  

  • 24-month term
  • 0.35% APY1
  • The minimum opening deposit is $1,000
  • The maximum opening deposit is $1,000,000
  • If our rates increase, you can request an increase to your rate, twice within the term
The rate may change after the account is opened.
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Compare Rates and Terms

Interest Rate
Standard CD
Minimum Opening Deposit
3 month 0.03% APY* $1,000
4 month 0.03% APY* $1,000
6 month 0.05% APY* $1,000
12 month 0.10% APY* $1,000
18 month 0.15% APY* $1,000
24 month 0.35% APY* $1,000
36 month 0.40% APY* $1,000
48 month 0.45% APY* $1,000
60 month 0.50% APY* $1,000
*The minimum daily balance to obtain disclosed annual percentage yield is $1,000.
Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity. Interest will not be compounded for certificates with terms of less than one year.
For certificates with terms of one year or greater, interest will be compounded quarterly.
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Open a new account.

Get personal service from a banker at your nearby Broadway Bank Financial Center or call our Customer Service Call Center at (800) 531-7650 to open your account.

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The Truth in Savings Act requires disclosures to be available on all consumer deposit accounts. Please inquire at any Broadway Bank location or call (800) 531-7650 for a separate Truth in Savings Act disclosure. A Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. 1APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are as of 4/14/21. You must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.00 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.


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