Elizabeth Huth Coates Foundation

Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of 1992

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History of Elizabeth Huth Coates Maddux

Elizabeth Huth Coates Maddux was born December 8, 1909 to Albert V. Huth and Theresa O’Farrell Huth. Her great-grandfather, Ferdinand Louis Huth, came from Alsace, Lorraine and he settled Castroville in 1844. Mrs. Maddux grew up surrounded by music. Her father played violin and her mother played the piano. They often played music in their home and the appreciation of music and opera was instilled in their five children. Mrs. Maddux graduated from Incarnate Word High School and went on to attend Incarnate Word College as a music major.

Elizabeth (Coates) Maddux was married to oilman, George H. Coates from 1943 until his death in 1973. It was said that George provided the means while Elizabeth provided the philanthropic inspiration which she had learned from her parents growing up in San Antonio. She spent the better part of her life working hard, using her time and resources to make San Antonio a better place to live. Look around San Antonio and her generosity is on display everywhere. The non-profit organizations she supported make up a very lengthy and diverse list. Elizabeth (Coates) Maddux was well known for her generous support of Trinity University through her contributions to the University’s landscape, scholarships, music library, remodels and new buildings. Today, you will find her being honored throughout the campus. Another major gift that was given helped to create the San Antonio Museum of Art in what had been a long-abandoned brewery north of downtown. A longtime supporter of the arts and education, she established the Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of 1992 to continue her legacy. She was involved with her foundation until her death in 1996.

The Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of 1992 makes distributions only on an annual basis. These grants are directed to 501(c)(3) organizations which fall within the principal charitable purposes of the foundation as outlined in Article 2 of the document.  Article 2 reads as follows:

This trust is created and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the principal purpose of this trust is to provide financial assistance, to be used primarily in the State of Texas, with special emphasis to uses within Bexar County, Texas, for one or more of the following charitable purposes:

  1. The promotion, encouragement, understanding, appreciation and love of the arts.
  2. The support of educational institutions, with primary emphasis on those that would be commonly classified as private educational institutions as distinguished from public educational institutions.
  3. Medical research.  
Deadline – Dec 31
Decisions – June   

Only requests submitted by the deadline will be considered.  Requests submitted after the deadline are considered in the following year.   

To be considered for a grant you must submit a completed grant application online through the grant management portal.

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Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of 1992:
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