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Zero Balance Account

Let Broadway Bank reduce your need for excess balances to zero.

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) lets you write checks and use your debit card while you literally keep a zero balance. Simply set up a primary account to receive all deposits and to disburse funds to your ZBA—only when necessary—to cover checks and electronic transactions that have cleared. As long as your primary account is properly funded, this sweep function eliminates any possibility of overdrafts or the need for manual transfers.


The benefits of a ZBA?

  • Save time and cost. Eliminate manual transfers and continuous monitoring.
  • Gain control. Enjoy greater control over your company’s account activity.
  • Use cash more productively. Realize greater value on funds by reducing the number of accounts with excess balances.
  • Use collection accounts more effectively. Tie multiple collection accounts to your primary account to eliminate manual transfers of collected funds.
  • ZBA links are established on the accounts you specify.
  • Debit transactions accumulate on your ZBA throughout the day.
  • At the end of each business day, we move funds from your primary account to your ZBA to maintain the zero balance.
  • Net debit and credit activity may be viewed on iBIZ.

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