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There Truly is No Place Like Home

And your bank should help you get there

At Broadway Bank, we have been building strong neighborhoods and communities using our HOME Advantage Mortgage Loan Program1 by investing in communities and helping more people achieve the dream of owning a home.

  • No minimum credit score
  • No income limits apply when the property is located in a Low or Moderate income census tract
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Maximum Combined Loan to Value up to 105% with approved Down Payment Assistance
  • Borrowers may use Seller Contributions, Gift Funds from a relative, or Broadway Bank-approved Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs to help qualify
  • Minimum borrower contribution is $500

If you already own your home, ask us about refinancing with a HOME Advantage Mortgage Loan.

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1Broadway Bank’s HOME Advantage Mortgage Loan Program is available to borrowers meeting % median income or property eligibility requirements. All loans subject to credit approval, verification and collateral evaluation. Lending area as well as other conditions and restrictions apply. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Ask for details.

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