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Broadway Bank Overdraft Coverage Option

Overdraft Coverage Options
& Additional Services

Manage your account while controlling your costs with one of these services:

Overdraft Coverage:

  • Available on Personal Checking Accounts
  • Authorize overdrafts on your account to pay items.
  • Must add or remove overdraft service for ATM and everyday debit card transactions.
  • $35 overdraft fee per item.
Add or Remove
Overdraft Coverage

Linked Account:

  • Available on Personal Checking Accounts
  • You designate linked Checking or Saving Account
  • Funds transferred in $100 increments*
*Provided there are adequate funds available in the linked account.

**Line of Credit:

  • Available on Personal Checking Accounts
  • Funds transferred in $250 increments.
  • You pay interest on balance.
  • Monthly payment required.
  • No annual fees.
**With approved credit.

We appreciate your business and want to make sure your banking experience with Broadway Bank meets your unique financial needs.

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.