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Stable, strong and secure:  A message from our CEO

Stable, strong and secure: A message from our CEO

To our Broadway Bank customers—

I know many of you have watched the news related to Silicon Valley Bank and other institutions failing in recent days, and I want to share a measure of reassurance.

Traditional community banks, like Broadway, have a steadier base of deposits and more diversified funding sources and avoid too heavy of a reliance on a single industry. At Broadway Bank, our focus is Texas-based commercial and residential real estate, and business and consumer lending, to best serve our friends and neighbors like you.

It’s important to note that Broadway Bank has access to readily available liquidity, without having to sell securities. Our capital remains strong, and our loans and securities portfolios have outstanding credit quality.

When you look at the history of Broadway as a privately-held independent bank, we have stood as a safe and strong institution for our customers. We do our best work when things are tough, and are prepared to take care of our existing customers and anyone looking to form a lifelong relationship with a deeply-rooted Texas bank. 

We have a legacy of strength, stability and service for 82 years—and stand ready to support you. 

--David Bohne, CEO



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