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Go to Investment Management Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2022

Investment Management Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2022

04.07.2022 Newsletters Featured

The first quarter served up a quadruple whammy: Omicron, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, persistently high inflation, and increasing interest rates.

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Go to Wealth Management 2021 Quarter 4 Newsletter

Investment Management Newsletter - 4th Quarter 2021

01.12.2022 Newsletters Featured
The strong uptick in inflation witnessed during 2021 had been hotly debated as to whether it was transitory, as the Fed claimed, or persistent. As increasingly stronger inflation data surfaced, Chairman Powell and other Federal Open Market...
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A female shopper looks at empty shelves at a grocery store

Investment Management Newsletter - 3rd Quarter 2021

10.08.2021 Newsletters Featured

As the quarter began, the nation was returning to normalcy with the pandemic showing signs of retreat. Within weeks, we saw an upsurge of the Delta variant.

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Investment Management Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2021

Investment Management Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2021

07.13.2021 Newsletters

Despite two consecutive monthly inflation numbers, the S&P 500 continued its upward climb this quarter. Some question how long this strength can continue in the face of supply chain bottlenecks, rising costs and higher inflation overall.

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