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Broadway Bank Contact Form

my private banking team at  broadway bank gives me something to smile about.

Midtown Urology Associates

Warren B. Branch, D.D.S.


It was a good friend that recently introduced Dr. Michael Trotter to Broadway Bank and it didn’t take long for the bank’s highly personal style to convince him that Broadway was a perfect fit to handle his commercial loan for construction of his new medical offices.

“Broadway Bank made the whole process so easy,” Dr. Trotter said. “Other banks want you to update financial sheets every month, but Broadway made the paperwork easy. There was never a need to waste time with repetitive paperwork. If it was done once, it was done.”

Because the commercial loan went so smoothly, Dr. Trotter has also opened a business account with Broadway Bank. “For a business like mine, Broadway is a much better fit with their personal connection. My Business Banker was extremely helpful and understood my local needs. Without question, we will consider Broadway for financing our future endeavors.”

Broadway Bank. We're here for good.
Broadway Bank. We're here for good.